Commercial Landscaping


As a leading contractor in the South West, we carry out new construction projects and maintenance to large and small schemes - parks, open spaces, offices, factories, leisure facilities and housing projects.

Grounds Maintenance


The English Garden Company offers a comprehensive range of grounds maintenance services, including complete site and amenity maintenance contracts. We currently serve several major areas of the private sector.

We undertake the full spectrum of grounds maintenance activities for a wide ranging client base. Contracts vary from simple one-off tasks to long-term maintenance partnership arrangements involving innovative practices designed to ensure that a cost effective and high quality service is delivered as a first priority.

Grass cutting to fine turf, sports turf, amenity, meadow, wild flower and conservation areas.
Maintenance of shrub, herbaceous and annual beds.
Maintenance and cutting of hedges
Cleansing and sweeping of hard surfaces
Collection of litter and dog fouling
Inspection and maintenance of play areas
Tree planting, maintenance, surgery and pruning
Lawn/Grass/Turf laying, maintenance, mowing, strimming, seeding and weeding
Weedspraying programmes

Garden Construction Projects


Our hard landscaping team regularly joins forces with our soft landscapers to take on commercial construction projects - from landscaping new build residential developments to the expansion/renovation of retail or office re-development schemes.

Turfing and Seeding


We are able to take on a variety of turfing or seeding projects ranging from repair work to heavily trafficed areas, to the creation of new lawned areas in large outdoor spaces such as new residential developments and schools.

Garden Planting Schemes


Creation and implementation of planting schemes - we have the experience and skill to put together planting schemes catering for a variety of different requirements. We have an experienced team of landscapers who implement planting schemes with care, vision and expertise.