Garden Maintenance


An important and much utilised section of our business activities as contested by our many regular customers. Our activities range from regular garden maintenance, turfing or seeding, garden blitzes, hedge laying & trimming and creation and implementation of planting schemes

Plants and Planting Maintenance


Even the most experienced gardener knows that the more you learn about plants, the more you realize how little you really know.

Most gardeners learn by experience and making mistakes, so it is important to get stuck in and try out new plants and different plant combinations.

For those who need a little help to get started, we are able to create planting schemes that will be designed to suit your site, your preferences and also your budget.

We can also ensure that the planting can be carried out using weed prevention measures such as weed supressant membranes and a variety of mulches.

Lawn Maintenance


We are able to offer an extensive lawn creation and maintenance service. Options range from the initial turfing or seeding to create a new lawn to regular mowing, weeding and feeding, through to renovation activities such as scarification, moss removal and hollow tyning.

Garden Maintenance Schedules


As part of our services we are able to offer scheduled visits to maintain elements of the garden such as mowing, strimming, tree & shrub pruning and border clearance.

Hedge Maintenance


We offer a hedge trimming and a hedge laying service. We are also abe to plant new hedges as required, whether it be a standard laurel, beech or privet hedge or alternatively various combinations of indigenous mixed species hedging.