Garden Terrace and Patio


There are a stunning array of materials available to everyone, ranging from manufactured, re-constituted paving to beautifully cut and crafted natural stone paving from around the world.

Garden Patio


Choosing the right landscaping and garden design products can bring your garden or outdoor space alive - giving it warmth and intimacy, making it a practical and useful area for your family or creating a relaxing haven.

No two gardens are the same and everyone has different ideas on how they want their garden to look. Whether you want a Classical, Contemporary or possibly a Mediterranean style there are an abundant array of products to choose from.

In the above example, we have used random sizes of pale grey Indian Sandstone laid in courses away from the house.

Garden Paving


An example of a modern style of paving with a feature circle inset. This is nicely combined with raised sleeper borders to soften the whole effect.

Comtemporary Garden Terrace


A stylish way of brightening up a dark side passage using sharp lines and a combination of different coloured gravels and paving.

Fire Pit


A Fire pit (below ground or raised - in this case) can be a great feature in a patio area as long as you have the space. It really comes into its own if you can arrange low walling as seating to surround the firepit. Great for a BBQ and also for keeping warm!